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Songwriter and Acoustic Guitarist Creating & Performing Retro-Pop, Folk & Country Songs in New England.

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New Album Released: Work Can't Wait For Beauty

Listen Now on Spotify & Bandcamp

8/4/2023 - Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Jay Babcock presents Work Can't Wait For Beauty, an album of:

  • New England-based folk

  • love ballads

  • retro-pop

  • a sea shanty

  • and lullaby

Producer and drummer for the album, Marco Giovino, was Tom Jones' USA musical director, Robert Plant's Band of Joy drummer, Malcolm Holcombe's producer and many more. Recording main vocals, drums, bass and guitar in a whole band setting, Giovino sought to elicit a listener reaction of "What is this? Who is this? Wow!"

Varied and interlaced with unexpected harmony, each track strikes as listenable, pleasant, and catchy—a great road trip album for your car’s music system. Songs range from classic Guthrie folk style to fun retro-pop reverie.

Babcock has a gift in recounting historical tales with memorable melodies in the tracks Four Trains Crash On The Airline Trail, Boston’s Great Molasses Flood Song and Darn Man. A unique assemblage of music in so many ways, one being Babcock's creation of a sea shanty tune for a poem written by his grandfather's cousin aboard a ship bound for India in 1859.

You'll find yourself anticipating what the next song will bring as each is a strong statement of its own theme. You'll be thinking, "This song would be great in a movie."

Take a listen, then tell your friends about this album to help spread the word!

WCWFB Album Cover JPG.jpg
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About Jonathan Jay

Songwriter and Musician

An acoustic guitarist, Jonathan Jay performs finger picking, flat pick and rhythm styles to accompany clear vocals. He writes introspective, folk and retro pop tunes, and performs in the New England area.

Jonathan Jay still plays his 1973 Yamaha acoustic guitar, and does both covers and originals in mixed genres, solo or in harmony with friends.

P.F Sloan, composer of Secret Agent Man and Eve of Destruction influenced Jonathan Jay's song writing style. P.F. Sloan wrote after hearing one of Jonathan's originals:

"Thanks so much for sending this along...enjoyed it! Send one to the tall man with the banjo (Seeger)
Namaste and love,
pf sloan"

Jonathan Jay plays at music festivals, cafés, restaurant venues, and for Seniors in health care facilities.

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